Small town bakery Nightingale Breads in Forestville, California is big on flavor

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Monday, March 18, 2024
Small town bakery is big on flavor
Owner and Baker Jessie Frost is dedicated to creating fresh, tasty, and organic baked goods.

FORESTVILLE, Calif. -- When customers come to Nightingale Breads, they are sure to find fresh, delicious breads and baked goods. If you do not believe it, just take a look at the line.

"Pretty much always have to wait in line," regular customer Gabrielle says.

"There's usually five or six people waiting to get in," local patron Rod adds.

As you stand in line, you will discover that the people are more than happy to wait.

"The fact that they are an organic bakery," Gabrielle declares, "I'll drive from further way to come here because I know the quality is best in town."

"It's the best bakery in the world," longtime shopper Louie simply states.

Part of the bakery's success may come from owner and baker Jessie Frosts love of the craft.

"I think the ability to create with your hands is definitely the best part," Frost reveals, "that skill of being able to make something for scratch that's my favorite part."

On the other hand, some could say Nightingale's long fermentation process or even, the warmth of their wood-fired oven is the secret to their success.

"You get a better surrounding heat so you get a really good quality crust out of it," Frost explains, "and it contributes to the flavor."

Although Nightingale Breads primarily focuses on making sourdough breads, focaccia and baguettes, they also offer some very tasty daily specials: babka on Thursday, filled brioche buns on Friday, cinnamon rolls on Saturday, and scones on Sunday.

"Sunday is so special because it's the only day they have scones," Nightingale Breads regular Lisa reveals, "and they have four different kinds of scones. They change them every week."

"They are moist, flavorful. They just crumble in your mouth and you think, 'Oh, I'm not going to eat the whole scone, and then you eat the whole thing," customer Antoinette adds.

Witnessing her customers overwhelming satisfaction is one of Frost's greatest rewards.

"There's nothing like having a customer bite into baguette as they are leaving and tell you how much they enjoy it on the way out," Frost shares.

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