Sonia Emore helps kids find their voices through songwriting

ByDana Langer, Cameron Covell Localish logo
Thursday, June 13, 2024
Sonia Emore helps kids find their voices through songwriting
Small business owner Sonia Emore teaches kids about the power of songwriting and the importance of finding their voice. Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.

ATLANTA -- Sonia Emore's passion for helping kids find their voice is undeniable.

As the founder of A Time to Create, LLC., Emore teaches a songwriting after-school program to help kids get in touch with their emotions and learn how to express their feelings through music. Combining her prior experience working with children in schools and her love of songwriting, Emore's program has been helping kids grow since 2017.

"A lot of kids tend to hold their emotions in or can lash them out in unhealthy ways," Emore says, which is why she believes songwriting teaches kids valuable skills that they'll benefit from for life.

At the end of every semester, Emore hosts an 'Open Mic' event to encourage her students to share a song they wrote during class in front of their peers, friends and family.

"I was so proud to see every last one of them get up to share their song," Emore said of the event's success.

Thanks to the event, families also get the opportunity to cheer on the students and witness the progress they've made in terms of their emotional intelligence, self-confidence and songwriting skills.

"It was very interesting getting to hear the kids talk about their friendships, how they talk about their family relationships, and being able to vocalize that through their songwriting," said Larry Oji, whose daughter is a student of Emore's.

So that she can stay focused on what matters most to her, namely her students, Emore stresses the importance of high-quality insurance to protect herself and her business.

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To learn more about Emore and A Time To Create LLC., you can visit her website.

Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.