Snowstorm strands Amtrak passengers

Eugene, OREGON (KGO) -- An ordeal is now over, for passengers who spent nearly two days, stuck aboard a Bay Area-bound Amtrak train in Oregon.

Amtrak had the " Coast Starlight" towed into Eugene, Oregon by a Union Pacific locomotive..

It arrived 42 hours after hitting a tree and becoming stranded on Sunday.

Heavy snow made it hard for railroad workers to clear the tracks and get the Amtrak train moving.

Martinez resident Marsha Trujillo described life aboard the train while being stuck in the wilderness, "Long, relatively uncomfortable. But you know it was not that bad. People were great the train crew was amazing. They were so professional and so kind."

San Francisco Resident Alberto Hernandez added, "It was dark in Oakridge, so it was just kind of pitch black, watching snow pile up.

You're now looking a pictures snapped by people stuck aboard the train.

They said they passed the time by playing games and taking naps.

The 183 passengers were due to arrive in the Bay Area on Monday..
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