Strong winds likely to blame for tree falling on car in Oakland

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Temperatures took a big jump on Thursday along with the wind. It's making for great beach weather but also causing a few problems.

A large tree fell on a car as a woman was driving by near Lake Merritt in Oakland.

The Oakland Police Department says it's possible the wind was to blame. Also, on the scene, people were pointing out the tree's shallow roots.

The driver, identified as Kate Viernes, told ABC7 News what happened after she was safely out of the car.

She's OK and very lucky. The tree crushed her back seat, a few inches or a few seconds difference and this story could have a very different ending.

"And all of a sudden it was falling on my car, on me. I hit the brakes, I stopped. It just felt like it kept caving into my car, probably it felt a lot slower than it was. I was wondering if I was going to hit my head or what," Viernes recalled.

Despite the beach weather, the ocean isn't going to be all fun and games this weekend.

The Coast Guard is warning boaters and beachgoers there will be strong swells on Friday through Saturday night.

That means large breakers and the chance for sneaker waves.

Anyone that is planning to be on the water or at the beach should be aware and be careful.

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