Ask Finney: Insurance for Plumbing Issues, Expensive Cable Bills, and Telemarketing Calls

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 7 On Your Side's Consumer Expert Michael Finney answers your consumer questions.

Question 1:

Maureen from Cupertino asked: How will I know if an insurance company that offers coverage for plumbing breakage, and water & sewer lines is reputable?

Answer 1:
I do not know of any stand-alone plumping insurance policies, so I want you to check with the California Department of Insurance. Most home owner policies cover damage if a pipe bursts suddenly. However, you are not covered if the pipe-break occurred because of neglect or lack of maintenance. Also, ask an insurance agent, and get their input.

Here is a link to the California Department of Insurance.

Question 2:

Phyllis from Sunnyvale asked: I am wondering why my monthly cable bill is always getting more expensive when my services and usage stay the same. I have asked my cable company why, but they are always giving me the run around.

Answer 2:
Phyllis, that is odd. Generally, just calling and asking can get you a discount. If that doesn't work, tell them you are thinking about dropping their service. Then for sure you will likely be offered a deal. Bottom line, with phone and video services, those who ask... get discounts. Those who don't, get increases to their bill.

Question 3:
Betty from San Leandro asked: How can I stop marketing calls? I tell them to stop, yet, they still call me with different numbers.

Answer 3:
First, the bad news, there is no silver bullet that will stop all calls. But start by registering with the Do Not Call list. Here is a link.

But here is the hard truth. There are many telemarketers out there, and the bad actors ignore the do not call list. There are services you can buy. Nomorobo is among the best known. RoboKiller is a new player, and has some great features.

Here is a link to NoMoRobo and Robokiller.

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