Staggering statistics involving children's addiction to technology

PIEDMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- It's a familiar uncomfortable scene millions of families face every day -- when we see kids, who are glued to their devices, and barely aware of anyone else around.

Thirteen-year-old Sean Spillane admits, "I have to say myself, I'm addicted to my Xbox. I play probably eight hours a weekend. It's a lot."

Excessive screen time is often top of mind for parents.

According to Common Sense Media and a Survey Monkey Poll, 47 percent of parents worry their child is addicted to their device.

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Parent, Doug Spillane says, "I'm surprised it's that high. If we're that scared then why do we perpetuate it? I thought it would be lower."

Just this morning, middle schoolers at Corpus Christi School, in Piedmont, watched the documentary, Screenagers - which explores how tech time impacts a child's development.

Many parents saw it last night. And now with this latest study, some parents admit, they struggle with boundaries.

Alice von Komarnicki has two sons and said, "It's hard when a kid can say I'm doing homework and maybe that's the case. But maybe they're also playing on the device longer."

So what can parents do right now? According to the experts, set up time limits and enforce them. Learn about parental controls on devices, and create tech free zones in the house.

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