'They did exactly what I would have hoped,' 4-H leader on survival tips that helped save missing Humboldt County sisters

BENBOW, Calif. (KGO) -- "They're very strong girls and they stayed calm. They did exactly what I would have hoped anyone would have done if they were lost." said Humboldt County 4-H Leader Justin Lehnert.

Two Northern California girls, Leia and Caroline Carrico, got lost in the woods near their house. After two nights, they were found.

Thanks in part to a 4-H Outdoor Training program taught by Lehnert, they survived.

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"We point out different areas that could be shelter. Those are a fallen down tree, a hollowed out stump or huckleberries. Then the water is a clean source of water if you choose leaves to drink off of versus drinking out of a creek." said Lehnert.

The sisters found shelter and built a fire in the rain.

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"The building of the fire, and things like that, slows down your pace. You're not hiking around and going long distances. It basically creates a signal fire or leaves a mark that you were in that area," said Lehnert. "as soon as I started hearing some of the details I knew that they were going upon the things that I was trying to teach them."

Lehnert says he is proud of the skills and courage displayed by the girls.

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"It's amazing that, even small details, these kids can pick up on it and remember it under a time of stress like that. They really came through. It was amazing." said Lehnert.
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