Rainy days drop more problems on Bay Area

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Several days of rain have left lots of problems throughout the Bay Area, including this oak tree that came crashing down onto a Corvette.

Our storms have passed for now, but the problems are mounting after several days of rain battered the Bay Area.

Linda Becker's cherished white Corvette, which she's had for 12 years, sits mangled under branches of a giant oak tree. It fell around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Becker was working late at her Novato store, Dollhouses, Trains and More when it happened.

"I heard this loud sound, the building just shook and I thought it was an earthquake," said Becker.

But she came outside to find the damage and took a few pictures. The tree totaled her Corvette and damaged two other vehicles. It broke windows, knocked merchandise off the walls and punched several holes in the roof.

More rain is on the way and Becker is in a hurry to make repairs.

"It's important that we get the hole and things patched up, so it doesn't get rained on. Otherwise we will have a lot of damage," said Becker.

The recent string of storms continues to impact people across the Bay Area.

In Albany, restoration crews with Rainbow International pump water out of a basement. It flooded two and a half inches.

"We've been getting a lot of phone calls," said owner John Sophinos.

He says they're busier than ever, working about 10 jobs a day. He's mostly seeing flooded homes.

"Because the ground is just so saturated because it's been raining so much, and the ground can't hold the water anymore so water fills up and it seeps into a lot of houses," said Sophinos.

His crews vacuum out the water, set up dryers and dehumidifiers.

To prepare for next time, he says the best thing to do is clean out gutters and stack plenty of sandbags.
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