Super Bowl 2020: Here's what a trip to watch the 49ers play in Miami would cost

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's not just team-wear that 49ers fans are spending money on. Those planning to be in Miami for the Super Bowl are going to have to dig deep into their pockets to follow the team.

According to Ticketmaster, ticket prices alone are 150% higher than seven years ago, the last time 49ers went to the Super Bowl.

American Airlines and United immediately added extra flights from the Bay Area to Miami. So far, seating charts still show available seats. However, the lowest fares are going fast.

With the constantly fluctuating prices, the lowest fare on United from SFO to Miami was $738 at noon Monday. From San Jose, it was $52 higher.

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On American from SFO, the lowest was $752 for basic economy.

So, as we tally up the tab, we'll put down $738 for airfare.

Now let's check out the game tickets. Let's go to the Ticketmaster site and see what they're listing.

Ready to be shocked? Prices on this site range range from $4,995 to $38,400 for a club seat. But don't despair. We found the cheapest seat on StubHub for $4,605 in the upper corner on the Chiefs' side.

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If you can handle potential fan hostility around you, we'll add $4,605 to the tab.

Finally, you do need someplace to sleep. Saturday arrival and Monday departure means two hotel nights. We compared several sites and found a two-star motel room for $191 per night.

Let's add $382 for two hotel nights. So our subtotal is now $5,725. We say subtotal because you have to factor in food and beverage. Finally, a 49ers fan can't pass up Lady Gaga's concert Saturday night. Add $350 for general admission.

It's all a matter of priorities. If you happen to have $5,725 to spend, would you rather spend it on something glamorous like a beautiful diamond engagement ring or perhaps a designer Brioni suit? Both cost exactly $5,725. Perhaps you'll have a lot more fun at the game.

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