Mexican, Californian fans alike show out for 49ers game in Mexico City

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Mexican, Californian fans alike show out for 49ers game in Mexico City
The 49ers were the designated away team in their game against the Cardinals in Mexico City. But to those at the stadium, including SF native Nick Newman who made the trip, it didn't feel like it.

MEXICO CITY (KGO) -- San Francisco native Nick Newman made the trip from the Bay Area to Mexico to see his favorite team play. He says he wasn't alone.

"There are so many 49ers fans here," he said while getting ready to leave his hotel and head to the game. "The are some Arizona Cardinals fans here but I would say they are outnumbered. For every 20 49ers fans, there is one Cardinals fan."

Each season, the NFL schedules some regular season games outside the country. This year, they scheduled the 49ers and Cardinals to play in Mexico City. Both franchises have fans with Mexican heritage. Newman says he tries to go to one away game a year, so he chose the one outside the country.

"I saw Mexico City on the schedule and you got to make the international trip," Newman said. "It happens once in every 10 years, so my girlfriend and I wanted to take advantage of it."

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Throughout the weekend, Newman says the team put on special rallies for fans. What has impressed him the most is how many fans already live in Mexico, and how many came to visit like him.

"When you go to a place like Mexico City, there are people from all over the world," he said. "It just goes to show how deep and strong and rich this fanbase is."

49ers defeated the Cardinals 38-10 on Monday night. As he leaving to attend the game, he thought about how special this event was to the many Latino 49er fans.

"There are so many Latino representatives and you see that in the Bay Area, and it is just amplified here obviously," he said. "It is great to see the 49ers travel to a place where they have such a strong following already."

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