Protesters challenge SF officer-involved shooting

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- New details are being raised about last week's fatal shooting of a woman by undercover San Francisco police officers.

The attorney for the family of Alice Brown says he's looking into the possibility that she reacted erratically during the incident because she didn't know the intentions of the two officers since they were not in uniform.

The attorney made the comments before a raucous town hall meeting Monday night with Police Chief Greg Suhr.

Protesters repeatedly challenged Chief Suhr about the shooting and other issues during the meeting.

Suhr says officers opened fire on Brown last Tuesday to protect people in the area. He says the 24-year-old crashed her car into buildings, hit cars and drove on a sidewalk and tried to hit officers on Van Ness Avenue and Pine Street.

"It's pretty accurate of what I saw. It all happened so quickly it's hard for me to remember, but I feel she did not respond to the police. She would not stop and that's why they drew their guns," said an unidentified witness.

Chief Suhr abruptly ended the meeting after just 30 minutes because of what he believed was unruly behavior by the crowd.
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