7-Eleven store clerk shot during robbery in Antioch

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- Antioch police are releasing new information about an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven that sent one clerk to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Another clerk is thanking his lucky stars that he wasn't hurt.

Antioch police have taken two people into custody.

"He just pulled the gun on me," said 7-Eleven clerk Sam Singh.

Singh is feeling very shaky today after having stared down the barrel of a gun while working the overnight shift at 7-Eleven in Antioch, but he's also feeling incredibly lucky to be alive. The gunman shot his co-worker and then tried to shoot him.

"My co-worker fell on floor screaming 'I am shot!' They tried to shoot me again, but there was some problem with the gun, it clogged. I gave him all the money in the register and he took the money and left," said Singh.

The store manager was heartbroken this happened to his team.

"For me it doesn't make any sense, killing someone for a couple dollars, we don't have any money, maybe $10, $20, maximum $40," said Surjeet Virk, store manager.

The victim survived the gunshot. He was taken into surgery and is expected to be ok. He's described as a young man in his early 20's.

"He just came from India. He's a hard working person. He works at least a 10 hour day, so does it make any sense for somebody to shoot him," said Virk.

Antioch police announced they spotted a car shortly after the attack believed to have been involved-stopped the car-and took two people into custody. Witnesses tell us it was a young man and woman. Loyal customers who see these clerks everyday we're stunned to hear about the robbery.

"I would think nothing like this would happen I lived here ten years I come here a lot I am surprised to hear about this pretty bad," said Ferdinand Munar, customer.

Police say surveillance videos captured the whole attack.
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