GAME OVER? Boy's Fortnite credits go missing, turns to local reporter for help

ORINDA, Calif. (KGO) -- A 10-year-old's quest to become the last one standing in the video game Fortnite got shot down when all the credits he thought he purchased inexplicably disappeared.

7 On Your Side's Michael Finney ventured into the dangerous, but virtual world of Fortnite to get to the bottom of this mystery. Dodging the bad guys along the way, we emerged victorious.

10-year-old Owen Burge, as with so many kids these days during the pandemic, doesn't have too many social outlets.

The popular game Fortnite allows him to at least virtually interact with his peers.

"A lot of times it made me feel better when I feel sad," Owen said.

His mom Rachel doesn't like Owen spending too much time on these games, but admits she's loosened the rules a bit.

"The pandemic has been really hard on kids. We're usually, my husband and I, more restrictive with screen time," Rachel told us.

Owen received a total of two Fortnite gift cards for his birthday and during the holidays. Those gift cards would allow him to make purchases for various game accessories.

"He put in the codes for these gift cards and they said they were redeemed. He got nothing," said Rachel.

Rachel and Owen contacted Epic Games, but couldn't get anyone to help them.

"I just got so tired after going back and forth so many times with emails, kind of just gave up," she said.

A few months later, the same thing happened with the second gift card.

"Nobody really wanted to help us. So I was just like, there's nothing we can do. But then we contacted you," said Owen.

And 7 On Your Side contacted Epic Games, and they told us they were happy to help and resolve this matter.

The code was valid, but the email address used to redeem the gift cards purchased from a third party site was unregistered and could not be connected to Owen's account.

Once all that was figured out, Owen got his credits back.

He promptly wrote us this nice letter.

"Dear ABC7, you've helped so much. You resolved our problem. I'm so thankful for your help. You have made my life right now so much better," the boy wrote.

You're welcome, Owen!

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