9/11 hero Mark Bingham: Family remembers last call he made to his mom from Flight 93

Bingham was one of four passengers on board Flight 93 who reached the plane's cockpit and wrestled with hijackers.
A Bay Area family is remembering 9/11 hero Mark Bingham.

Bingham was one of four passengers on board Flight 93 who reached the plane's cockpit and wrestled with hijackers inhibiting the plane from reaching its target.

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For the first time in 20 years, Alice Hoagland is not speaking about her son Mark Bingham and his bravery on Flight 93. She passed away last year and now her brother Vaughn Hoglan is making sure his nephew is never forgotten.

"He was an intricate part not only in our family history but the history of the nation," said Vaughn Hoglan, Mark Bingham's uncle.

On September 11, 2001, Mark was the last passenger to board Flight 93. Minutes into their flight, the plane was hijacked and Mark called his mom to say goodbye and that they had a plan.

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"He was just calling to basically tell us the situation and tell his mother and my sister Alice that he was probably not going to be able to see her again," said Hoglan.

Vaughn remembers the fear in Alice's face and the 25 minutes after that call when Flight 93 purposely crashed into a Pennsylvania field.

The next time they heard Mark's voice was in Washington, when they got to listen to Flight 93's voice recordings. Hoglan says that's when he heard Mark's voice confirming his nephew and three passengers reached the cockpit.

"It was horrifying but satisfying at the same time, we were proud of what he had done. I was able to, what I think, was recognize his voice," said Hoglan and added, "He was in there right up front saying 'pull it up and trying to do something.'"

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Every 9/11 his teammates of the first all-gay, inclusive rugby club on the West Coast celebrate his life.

"He was a 'take charge' kind of guy. Especially with the sport of rugby you are taking charge on the field and you don't have the time," said Dany Samreth, Head Coach of SF Fog Rugby Club.

Now Vaughn is making sure his nephew's legacy lives on. Alice was the surrogate for four of Vaughn's five children. One of his sons joined the Marines with Mark in mind.

"Harrison in no small degree joined the Marines to see what he could do. He has a tattoo on his chest of the twin towers that says never forget," said Hoglan.

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