'Baker and the Beauty' star Nathalie Kelley gives advice on dating strong, independent women

Nathalie Kelley gives her two cents on the type of man it takes to date a successful woman.

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Friday, April 24, 2020
'Baker and the Beauty' star Nathalie Kelley gives advice on successful women
Nathalie Kelley sits down with On The Red Carpet to chat about how "The Baker and the Beauty" explores the consequences of dating a celebrity.

ABC's new show "The Baker and the Beauty" goes against the grain of the typical romantic comedy formula. With a Latin twist, the show depicts a love story between hardworking baker, Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), and international superstar Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley).

"Instead of a Prince Charming, I've been calling Noa a Princess Charming," Kelley said. "She's making all the dreams and wishes come true for this guy that she meets."

Fairytale scenario aside, "The Baker and the Beauty" shines a light on what it's like to be in the public eye.

"We live in an age where [the concept of a] celebrity is something we're all obsessed with," Kelley said. "We think we know a lot about them, but really we're just looking at the projection that we have onto these people."

Kelley explained that she was drawn to the show because it explores "the reality of the human underneath" the fantasy that the media portrays. As the season progresses, we will uncover what lies beneath Noa's fame.

While Noa is strong-willed and independent, Kelley enjoyed exploring her vulnerable sides: "Like most of us, she lays in bed wondering if she's ever going to find love, if she's ever going to find a man that can deal with her success."

Kelley echoes the concerns of many successful women, famous or not: "It takes a very strong man, a man who's very confident in himself, to stand next to somebody like us. To be able to fit into our world without feeling threatened or challenged."

As it turns out, the man capable of balancing out Noa is a family-oriented baker from Little Havana, Miami. Kelley teased that audiences can expect the lovebirds to "jump right in" with their whirlwind romance. However, the question the rest of the season will explore is: What are the consequences of dating a celebrity?

"The story follows them as they figure out if compromising their lifestyle for love is really worth it," Rasuk previously told On The Red Carpet.

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