Airbnb freezes out group's attempt to rent NYC igloo

NEW YORK (KGO) -- Airbnb passed, but some friends in Brooklyn, New York are still trying to get someone to rent out their igloo.

Patrick Horton and two buddies took advantage of the blizzard and built an igloo. It took them about six hours.

They then posted their igloo on Airbnb, hoping someone might think it was a cool place to hang out.

"This is New York. People have done crazier things with their money, so we didn't think $200 to stay in a giant ice cave was not an out of the question thing," Horton said.

Amazingly, offers started coming in, but Airbnb put a freeze on the idea and unlisted the igloo.

The friends aren't giving up. They're still hoping someone might want to rent it out. If not, they're hoping the igloo might be able to help them get dates

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