Warm weather, no rain in forecast could make things worse for Bay Area allergy sufferers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Plants and flowers may be in bloom, but spring time isn't always pretty for seasonal allergy sufferers.

"With the warm weather and without rain in the forecast it's going to get worse," said ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco.

It's going to be breezy the next several days.

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"So, the pollen is going to be floating around in the air and moving from place to place," said Nicco. "That means areas that maybe don't have as much pollen as normal are going to get a lot more because the wind is going to bring it into your neighborhood."

Nicco's pollen & UV index shows trees are playing the big role.

"It's the trees mainly, but we are also starting to see some grass now that it's turned green and it's getting cut more and more, "said Nicco.

All the rain we've had this year has made for a colorful spring.

"So, keep the medicine and tissues handy. It's going to be rough couple of weeks until things stop blooming," said Nicco.

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