Ex-Windsor mayor breaks silence after CA suspends investigation into alleged sexual assaults

Thursday, March 28, 2024
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An embattled North Bay politician is breaking his years-long silence after allegations of sexual assault from multiple women led to his resignation.

California's Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Thursday that the criminal investigations into former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli have been suspended due to lack of evidence.

"It's a blend of relief and anger that it took this long," said Foppoli.

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Home of ex-Windsor mayor raided in sex assault investigation

Foppoli spoke from his home in Italy alongside his fiancé, Maura.

The former Windsor mayor says he's feeling a bit vindicated after the attorney general announced a criminal investigation into the Wine Country politician was suspended due to lack of evidence.

"I'm sure the attorney general had a lot of pressure to find anything to charge me with, so I want to thank them for having the courage to finally make the statement," said Foppoli.

In a statement, Attorney General Rob Bonta said:

"At this time we don't have enough evidence to warrant filing charges on the cases not barred by the statute of limitations. However, our investigation remains open and we urge anyone who believes they may be a victim or who has evidence to come forward."

The announcement comes three years after multiple women accused Foppoli of sexually assaulting them.

Foppoli resigned from office about six weeks after the women's allegations were revealed, in a scandal that rocked the small North Bay town.

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7th woman accuses Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli of sexual assault

ABC7 News asked him about it.

Cornell Barnard: "Did you assault any of these women?"
Dominic Foppoli: "Absolutely not. I've been clear from the first minute, there was no truth to any of this."

Foppoli claims the encounters were consensual.

"I'll take responsibility that some were involved, I had a history with from 20 years ago, I realize I was not a perfect partner," said Foppoli.

"Not really surprised," said Jane Doe.

A Foppoli accuser who wants to remain anonymous says she's disappointed the case is stalled. She's part of an unrelated civil suit with other alleged victims.

"It's just feeling like the good 'ol boys club, it feels like a lot of protections and delays. It feels purposeful in our eyes, enough to lose so much time that evidence could have been destroyed," she said.

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Foppoli believes the case was politically motivated.

"I think they saw an opportunity for an easy payday and to get someone out of office they didn't like, and made up stories," said Foppoli.

Fopolli's fiancé Maura says the two met two years ago. She says she supports him.

"What can I say is I believed him since day zero, I've known everything since day zero," she said.

Foppoli says he can't rule out a return to politics.

The couple is planning their wedding this summer.

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