Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli to 'step back' from active role until sex assault investigation complete

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Saturday, April 17, 2021
Windsor mayor to 'step back' from role amid sex assault investigation
Dominic Foppoli said in a statement Friday that he will "step back" from his active role as Windsor mayor until the investigation into sexual assault allegations is complete.

WINDSOR, Calif. (KGO) -- Dominic Foppoli said in a statement Friday that he will "step back" from his active role as Windsor mayor until the investigation into sexual assault allegations is complete. This comes amid a recall effort from the community and after a heated town meeting Wednesday night.

Foppoli clarified that this announcement is not a resignation.

"I think it's incredibly lame," said Diana Rich.

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That reaction in Windsor, to the latest development from Mayor Dominic Foppoli, now the center of a scandal. Six women accuse the mayor of sexual assault, allegations which span 16 years. A sheriff's investigation is now underway.

There were hundreds of calls for him to resign at an explosive town council meeting Wednesday.

The mayor says, he won't resign, but instead - take a step back from his job.

In a statement to ABC7 News, Foppoli said:

"As I have said so many times before, I have loved Windsor my whole life. Through prayer and in speaking with residents over the course of this week, it has become clear to me that the Town Council will not function at the level expected by its citizens if I remain actively involved, given the strong reaction to the allegations against me. Though I maintain full innocence under the law, I have decided to step back from an active role as Mayor until the formal investigation is complete. I do not want my presence or participation to create a distraction or cause any additional hurt for our residents.

I will be available to sign resolutions and, in an extreme circumstance, join a meeting to create a quorum if one of my colleagues is conflicted out. While the investigation is underway, I will not be present at Town Hall nor attend any more meetings in my capacity as Mayor.
I will take this time to sit quietly, and reflect on my life. I know that Vice Mayor Salmon will lead with dedication through this turbulent time. Thank you to everyone who continues to have faith in our political and judicial processes and in our wonderful Town."

"That's not enough for me, or the residents of Windsor," said Windsor Town Councilmember Debora Fudge.

Fudge says Foppoli needs to do more than take a step back.

"It's not about innocence or guilt in a criminal case, he's unfit to serve. Based on his behavior, he needs to resign," Fudge said.

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"He's still maintaining the title and salary of mayor without doing anything," said activist Hollie Clausen.

"It does give us options like censure, we have to do that.. until he does resign, recall is only option," said Windsor Vice-Mayor Sam Salmon.

That recall effort is happening, organizers say more than 700 Windsor residents have already pledged their support. The mayor, stepping back but refusing to resign.

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Calls for Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli's resignation increases after multiple sexual assault claims. He has since released a statement, denying all claims.