Eagles or Pats? Animals predict Super Bowl LII

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Friday, February 2, 2018
Eagles or Pats? Animals predict Super Bowl LII
These animals have Super Bowl Sunday figured out.

Who better to predict Sunday's big game than an elephant, a panda and a pair of manatees?

Animals from around the country participated in the time-honored tradition of making their picks for the Super Bowl.

Among animals who chose the Philadelphia Eagles were Bubbles the elephant of the Myrtle Beach Safari, Fiona the hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo and Le Le the panda from the Memphis Zoo.

Nicholas the dolphin from Clearwater Marine Aquarium and April the giraffe from Animal Adventure Park chose the New England Patriots.

The Mote Aquarium had a house divided between their manatees. Buffett went with the Eagles, while Hugh chose the Pats. No word on whether the differing opinions has caused trouble in their household.