Cupertino considers taxing large businesses based on number of employees

CUPERTINO, Calif. (KGO) -- The city of Cupertino is considering sending a measure to the November ballot that would tax big businesses based on the number of employees.

The biggest employer in Cupertino is Apple. The city estimates 24,000 people work at the tech company.

On the council agenda tonight, options for potentially changing up the business tax license.

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Currently the city charges employers based on square footage. The new proposal would tax businesses based on the number of employees.

The more employees you have, the higher per-person tax you would pay. Those with less than 100 would only pay a base rate.

There are currently two proposals. One would have Apple pay $425 per person, adding up to an estimated $9,407,775 going to Cupertino. Currently the city makes about $800,000 from their business license tax. The city says the money would be used for transportation solutions.

City staff says the Chamber of Commerce and Apple have expressed concern about the timeline and want the proposed measure delayed until 2020.

If the council approves moving forward tonight, the measure would go to the ballot in November.

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