Nvidia's AI conference brings tech innovators to South Bay as CEO makes noteworthy announcements

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Nvidia's AI conference brings tech innovators to South Bay
Santa Clara-based company Nvidia's five-day Artificial Intelligence conference GTC is drawing people from all over the world.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Tech enthusiasts are calling Nvidia's AI conference GTC a must-attend event.

On Monday, CEO Jensen Huang took to the stage to a full SAP Center for his keynote.

"The soul of our company at the intersection of computer graphics, physics, and artificial intelligence all intersecting inside a computer," Huang said.

Nvidia, the Santa Clara-based company, has become a tremendous leader in the Artificial Intelligence space.

During his keynote, Huang unveiled several announcements including its new AI computing platform called Blackwell.

Tech analyst Mark Vena said a noteworthy announcement was Nvidia's new partnership with Apple.

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Nvidia's Omniverse Cloud platform can stream to the Vision Pro headset.

"The fact that Apple has been able to secure this relationship with Nvidia to help produce special video, and take advantage of that- that's a pretty significant deal," Vena said.

Vena says this collaboration helps Apple show why they believe the Vision Pro is going to be the "bleeding edge product for VR and AR class applications."

Another noteworthy announcement, Vena sees a push from Nvidia toward AI-powered robotics.

"There seems to be a big bet that Nvidia is making on humanoid robots," Vena said. "That actually did surprise me a little bit."

Not only in the commercial and business-led space but Vena says humanoid robotics may even creep down to the consumer category.

"I think they're setting themselves up for - hey, we want to have some type of pole position on where humanoid robots-utilizing AI, will kind of surface over the next couple of years," Vena said.

The company's five-day conference is drawing people from all over the world.

Mark Feng, is attending GTC from Newport Coast. He has an AI startup.

"You go to the keynote and it's like a rock concert except it's a guy in a leather jacket but he's not singing," Feng said. "He's talking about AI models and it's just as exciting for nerds like me."

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Feng is hoping to learn where the AI industry is moving and what other people are doing to leverage the tech.

"It's such a fast-changing field you know - you know in six months you're already outdated. People are already using different terminology you got to kind of be in the know. Be in the circle," Feng said.

Brannon Jones is a Venture Capital, for AlleyCorp in New York City. He described the conference as energizing and inspiring.

"Really just from understanding what's around the corner, where's AI going? How's Nvidia unlocking that for people?" Jones said. "It's been really eye-opening for me as of course in my job we try to understand where is the world going to go? And I focus on specifically robotics, deep tech, automation."

Jerry Wu, CEO of APMIC, traveled from Taiwan to pitch his company's product.

Brinnae Bent is a Professor in AI at Duke University. She described the conference as a meeting of the minds from different industries.

"You have autonomous driving and you have robotics and you have the health and life sciences and there all integrated together and people are sharing ideas and I think that is really incredible to see and be a part of," Bent said.

GTC 2024 wraps up at the San Jose Convention Center on Thursday March 21st.