The healthiest women in America

December 3, 2007 12:00:00 AM PST
Find out how San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland ranked in the annual survey of the healthiest cities in America for women. The results may surprise you!

For eight consecutive years, Self Magazine has been analyzing data, to find the fittest, healthiest and happiest women in the US. Sara Austin, Features Director of Self Magazine told us this year, the December issue reveals that several Bay Area cities come-out on top.

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San Francisco claims the top spot for second time in Self Magazine's 8th annual survey of America's healthiest places for women.

Tony Bennett still has good reason to croon and swoon for the Bay Area. SELF Magazine, the premier well-being lifestyle magazine for women, names San Francisco, CA the nation's healthiest city for women in its "8th Annual America's Healthiest Places for Women" survey. This is the most comprehensive examination of its kind, distinguished for its broad scope and profound revelations about life-improving health secrets specifically for women in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Whether your hometown's health profile is as bright as the Golden State's, progressive health policies help California place three cities in the top ten. SELF helps all American women embark on a journey of health, happiness, and fitness.

"SELF's annual 'America's Healthiest Places for Women' study is both a celebration and an interactive guide to help all women live healthier lifestyles. It's gratifying to see so many cities across the country taking pro-active steps to make healthy living a top priority, including smoking bans, health insurance plans, and citywide fitness challenges," said SELF's Features Director Sara Austin. "No matter where your hometown ranks, you can change your life for the better and achieve your personal health and fitness goals. SELF's and want to help you along the way, so we reveal the top experts' advice, and secrets from women who enjoy living in America's healthiest places."

This year's top five Healthiest Places for Women are:
1. San Francisco, CA
2. Nassau-Suffolk counties (Long Island), NY
3. San Jose, CA
4. Honolulu, HI
5. Burlington, VT

16. Oakland, CA

The scores are in! The healthiest city in the nation for women is San Francisco, CA!

For the eighth year in a row, SELF's analyzed more than 6,000 points of data across more than 50 categories that affect the lives of American women. A panel of experts from around the nation was polled to find out which factors most affect a woman's ability to achieve her healthiest lifestyle. With their input, SELF's developed a list of 50 criteria which determined the rankings, including topics such as: rates of death and diseases such as cancer, obesity and depression; access to health care such as the number of doctors and hospital beds per capita; environmental and community measures such as air quality, number of parks, and crime rates; and lifestyle habits such as exercise, diet and smoking.

About Sara: Sara Austin has been Features Director at SELF Magazine since April 2004. She is responsible for all investigative articles and health content, including SELF's well-known annual healthiest cities analysis. Since March 2002, Ms. Austin was senior features editor at SELF's. Before joining SELF's, Ms. Austin was senior news editor at Marie Claire and senior editor at Civilization. She has appeared on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360 and numerous other broadcast news programs.

About SELF: SELF's is the leading magazine of total well-being, incorporating health and beauty, fitness and nutrition, happiness and personal style all in one package. More than 5.5 million readers turn to SELF's each month. SELF's is published by The Condé Nast Publications. For more information, visit