The Arete School Web-a-Thon

March 4, 2008 11:47:03 AM PST
If you missed The Arete School Web-a-Thon on Feb. 28, you can watch the archived segments here.

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  • Video: Tribute
    Dedication to a man without whom this program would not be possible.

  • Video: Welcome
    What The Arete School Web-a-thon is about, and how you can make a difference.

  • Video: Myth of the High-Performing Student  Part 1  |   Part 2
    Advanced-placement students are stressed out and disengaged in their classes.

  • Audio: Learning and Taking the Game to Another Arena
    Joe Morgan on how America's national pastime can teach profound lessons that last a lifetime.

  • Audio: Purpose and Kids
    Many of America's kids are struggling in their search for meaning in their lives.

  • Video: America's Professional Athletes and Teams: Roles and Responsibilities  Part 1  |   Part 2
    Professional athletes and teams have a responsibility to their fans and the nation.

  • Audio: The State of California's Public Schools
    The struggles of California's public schools, and what's being done to turn them around.

  • Audio: The Future of Education
    Futurist Alvin Toffler discusses the past, present, and future of education.

  • Video: What Makes You Successful?  Part 1  |   Part 2
    Learn from some of the best in sports about what it is that makes them successful.

  • Audio: Flow
    It's not just the domain of athletes. Anyone can have those peak moments.

  • Audio: Flow in Education
    How the rhythm and flow of sports can be brought into our academic classrooms.

  • Video: The Art and Science of Sport  Part 1  |   Part 2
    The fundamentals of art and science are the fundamentals of sports.

  • Audio: Music of the Game
    Musicians are performing artists, and so are shortstops and other athletes.

  • Audio: Transcending Geopolitics
    While the American and Iranian governments talk trash, U.S. basketball players are a big hit in Iran.

  • Video: Education's Coal-Mine Canaries  Part 1  |   Part 2
    The term "dropout" may not best describe kids who leave school before graduating.

  • Audio: A Players' Manager
    Dusty Baker is one of the best at getting the most out of his players.

  • Video: Moms, Their Kids, and Professional Sports  Part 1  |   Part 2
    Three moms talk about how the actions of professional athletes impact their kids.

  • Audio: No Homework
    Research is showing that homework may be unnecessary.

  • Audio: Arete
    The ancient Greek perspective of virtue and excellence in body, mind, and spirit.

  • Video: An Unwritten Rule in Baseball  Part 1  |   Part 2
    Tony La Russa discusses revenge and retaliation in baseball.

  • Audio: Exercise and the Brain
    Ground-breaking research on how exercise increases the brain's capability.

  • Audio: Closing Comments as a model for transforming America's public schools.

The Arete School

America's public schools are in trouble. National studies show that the vast majority of students are disengaged in their academic classes, high-achievers and under-performers alike. In addition, the incidence of childhood overweight and obesity is predisposing millions of schoolchildren to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Given these sobering facts, it could be said that, figuratively and literally, America's schoolchildren are dying to learn.

The nonprofit American Sports Institute is creating a model school -- The Arete School of Sport Culture and Wellness -- that will demonstrate how all students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, can achieve high academic scores, high health and fitness scores, and a love of learning through the positive aspects of sport culture.

The Arete School will be tuition-free, privately-funded, and community-based. The Arete School will combine the democracy of a public school with the privilege of a private school. The Arete School will be a model for transforming America's public schools and will serve as a training center for educators throughout America and around the world.

A pilot version of this model has already been implemented by the American Sports Institute through another one of its educational programs. This program has been hailed as "a model for total school reform" by researchers at a division of the U.S. Department of Education.

Click here for additional information about The Arete School, or contact the American Sports Institute at or by calling 415-383-5750.