Preparations underway for weekend storm

Sgt. John Sanchez said residents should be on the lookout for fallen trees and blocked roadways. High winds are expected to accompany the storm and could knock over trees.

"As of right now we are just looking for trees downed by wind or saturated soils," Sanchez said. "We're just getting prepared."

Power outages could occur, and residents should have extra flashlights and emergency supplies available, Sanchez said.

"Any downed trees could take out power lines, which could cause problems," National Weather Service forecaster Dave Reynolds said.

Blustery winds are expected all weekend, with the largest gusts expected to reach 65 mph on Saturday, Reynolds said. The storm is developing just offshore of San Mateo County and strong winds will rip through coastal canyons and gaps.

Because the storm is not expected to drop unusual amounts of rain, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches, there is not an immediate concern for flooding.

"This storm certainly isn't as bad as the Jan. 4 storm, but it's a good storm," Reynolds said.

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