Get in shape in 15 minutes a day

The 15-Minute Workout from Lorrie Sullenberger

Exercise #1 Full Body Movement:
What makes this exercise so effective is utilizing the upper and lower body in the same exercise thus getting the heart rate up quicker. And by using the isometric movements with the arms you lessen the risk of injury and make it more adaptable for every fitness level from super conditioned to the beginner. To modify you can raise your hands over your head or lower completely but still pulling the towel apart. You can also modify the lower body by squeezing the glutes (butt) while doing the leg lift to make the exercise a little more intense if you would like.

Exercise #2 Leg Lift with a twist:
This a a great old stand by exercise that we have pumped up. The key is, before you start think about contracting the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Touch your leg with your finger tips so you can feel that contraction. Then start the movement with your leg. Make the movement SLOW and controlled. Do NOT let momentum do the work for you.Do 10 repetitions 3 times for each leg. And if you want to increase the level at the end of 10 repetitions make very small pulses with your leg in the air. You should feel a small burn but no stabbing pain. You might even have a sore tush the next day, but that is good, it's working!

Exercise #3 Tricep Dip:
Who doesn't want good looking arms for summer. These exercises you can do almost anywhere. When doing a tricep dip make sure you keep your back close to the seat. Do NOT lean way out as you could damage your shoulder. An easy modification is to make your dip deeper for more intensity, or more shallow if you are just starting. Keep your legs in a 90 degree angle to start but as you become more conditioned you can put your feet further out and even cross at the ankles.Sleeveless blouses won't scare you anymore.

Exercise #4 Push Up:
These are a great way to start every day. They get the blood pulsing through your body and get you going. Push ups work your arms front and back, your back, chest and core muscles. Which ever level you start with, full body, modified or plank, start with just one and you will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to add a second one. If you have back problems you can even do standing wall push ups. Act as if the wall is the floor with your feet out away from the wall and your arms against the wall and slowly do them against the wall. The biggest factor in exercise and weight loss success is consistency. This quick effective at home workout will ensure that you will keep at it for the long term.You will notice you will feel better after the first week and weight loss (with the proper diet) won't be far behind.

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About Lorrie Sullenberger:

Lorrie Sullenberger, founder of "To Your Peak . . . Lifestyle Fitness," is a regularly featured women's fitness expert on ABC 7's View From the Bay. Lorrie has an infectious enthusiasm, inspiring women from all fitness levels to discover a more exhilarating lifestyle through incorporating the outdoors in their quest for better health. With millions of women overweight and starting and stopping exercise every year, Lorrie hopes to show them a fun way to get fit.

Lorrie knows all too well how hard staying fit can be. After a lifetime of being overweight, the success of hiking Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the U.S., changed my life in ways far beyond the mere exercise aspect, Lorrie says. She now has led hundreds of adventure outings and is thrilled when people are having so much fun that they forget that this is exercise.

Owning a women's gym for several years also gives Lorrie a unique perspective into the female psyche. For women especially, fitness starts in our heads about how we feel about ourselves. Lorrie is passionate about helping women overcome their mental barriers about exercise and show them how exercise can actually empower their lives.

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