Middle school in Hayward burglarized twice


Someone broke into the school through a classroom window. When the window was broken, it tripped the security alarm and alerted the police at about 4:15 this morning.

When the alarm sounded, two Hayward officers happened to be in the area. They arrived at the school and they were able to capture a suspect as he was running away from the school and he was taken into custody.

The man arrested was not a student at the school. He took a flat screen computer monitor and cables. Police have no word yet on damages and they also do not believe anyone else was involved in the burglary.

Police say the man will likely face burglary and possession of stolen property charges. A security officer said that there was another burglary at the same school at about 1:00 this morning. The security officer said after that, they discovered some computer equipment was stolen and police believe that whoever came at 1:00 am then came back at 4:00 am to do the same thing. They believe he is the only suspect in this crime.

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