Local students remember V. Tech shootings


At Laney College, the organizers are trying to draw attention to some bills which would restrict gun use in California.

On Wednesday afternoon, they are going to have 30 people participate in a lie-in representing the 32 people who died in Virginia Tech one year ago.

Also, 32 is the number of people killed everyday by gun violence in America. One of those killed is 15-year-old Kenzo Dix killed by a friend by accident back in 1994.

Kenzo's dad Griffin is now the president of the Alameda Oakland Chapter of the Brady Campaign.

He is pushing for passage of AB-2235, requiring smart guns in California, guns using biometrics that recognize a specific person's fingerprints and can only be fired by that person.

"That gun cannot be used by kids for unintentional shootings like my son died. They would also stop a lot of gun suicides, it would stop criminals and thieves could not use those guns," said Griffin Dix from the Brady Campaign.

Some are saying that something could go wrong with that technology; it's only good as the people who put it together.

But Dix says it is technology already used at airports biometrics checking people's irises.

Some very positive news from Dix, he says since 1994 California has passed a number of gun laws and in fact, California has brought down the gun death rate 15 percent faster than the national average.

He is convinced this law works; he says there is evidence the law works and that why he is pushing for AB-2235.

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