What to do if you're lost in the woods

Four basic things you should know if you get lost in the woods

1. Stay in place.

2. Access your surroundings.

3. Ways to stay warm and dry

4. Use the sun to determine your location.

For more information on Camp U, visit: www.unalayee.org

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About Lowell Fitch

Lowell Fitch has had a long and fulfilling career, having been involved with children's recreation programs for more than 40 years while most recently working as Camp Director for Camp Unalayee for more than 20 years. Lowell has received a multi-subject teaching credential from San Jose State University. Prior to his work as Camp Director, he worked as a camp counselor for ten years running environmental education programs and wilderness expeditions. In doing that, campers achieve a better understanding for themselves and their place in the world. Self-value, self-eteem and self-reliance are just a few of the things that children can take a way from a two-week session at Camp Unalayee.

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