Quick tips: Protecting your shoes, leather goods

1. Is your leather stretched out? Just pop it in a ziploc bag and place it in the freezer.

2. If your shoes and boots have started to curve upward, return them to their original shape by securing them with tissue paper and rubber bands to a heavy weighted book (such as a dictionary).

3. If your lingerie and other delicates keep slipping off hangers, just stick a furniture scratch protector pad to the top of the hanger and the clothing stays on.

4. YumYum cashmere scarves are a simple, no-fuss alternative to scarves for the warmer months. More information about YumYums can be found here:

For a listing of stores where available or to place an order, click here. For more information call 301.926.6006 or email info@tdmdesigninc.com.

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