Hybrid recreational boat debuts


Even if you can't handle the quarter million dollar price tag on the hybrid boat, you still want to breathe the clean air, you still want the waterways clean, and this boat, because of its hybrid engine, contributes to a cleaner planet.

It operates like a hybrid car - it runs on combustible engine, in this case diesel power at normal and high speeds.

But when the boat heads to or out of the harbor, it shifts to electrical power. The president of Chris-Craft, which will market the hybrids in California, says most of the pollution from recreational boats is produced in the harbor at five knots or less.

"Because the times that you would be sitting there warming up your boat, while your untying the dock lines or getting ready, while your idling out of the harbor - those combustion times are eliminated. You are leaving the harbor with no fuel burn, no combustion, no noise, no pollution," said Ralph Silverman, president Calif. Chris-Craft.

The hybrid technology was four years in the making from Schtyer - that is an Austrian company.

The hybrid yacht is available for order now; it can be in a dock near you in just six to eight weeks with love from Austria.

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