SJ Mineta now offering free Wi-Fi


This is good news to a lot of people who have been used to paying for it. The airport has had Wi-Fi for a while, but its been available for a fee.

The free access is available in most of the airport. This is an effort to make the airport more attractive to Silicon Valley business travelers - allowing them to be even more productive as they wait for a flight.

It is nice little amenity at a time when the airlines have been cutting back. Thursday, a new report came out saying air travelers avoided 41 million trips in the past year. People are tired of the hassles from canceled flights to extra charges. With all of the bad news, passengers were pleasantly surprised with this news.

"I didn't know they were putting it in, but I would travel with a laptop next time," said Andrea Priseler, Fresno.

"I am a little surprised. We should be on the forefront, not coming on the tail end - better late than never," said Marc Freitas, San Jose.

"Every time we're flying around we get orders at the last second - now I can pull out my computer and print out whatever I need," said Leslie Cruzado, Puerto Rico.

The airport is still working on logistics with the new service. It's available in all of Terminal C. You can reach it in Terminal A baggage claim. Once the construction is finished, service will be available in the North Concourse as well. The free Wi-Fi equipment did cost the airport about $90,000. It will cost $40,000 each year to operate, but they figure it will pay for itself through advertisements and sponsorships.

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