Craigslist counterfeiter pleads guilty


Phi Vo, 31, pleaded guilty on Friday to one count of forgery in exchange for a 16-month prison sentence, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office reported.

Prosecutors say that on Jan. 8, Vo arranged to buy electronics from a man posting on the Craiglist Web site, then paid him with the faux cash and sped off with the equipment before the disbelieving seller could stop him.

The incident was reported to San Francisco police and later forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service, which investigates counterfeiting.

Vo was found with $9,300 in counterfeit money -- $1,300 in his pants pocket -- during a traffic stop later that month, and was arrested on the counterfeiting charges June 20, prosecutors said.

More counterfeit money was found in Vo's home, along with a computer, scanner, printer and other items used for counterfeiting, prosecutors said.

In addition to the forgery charge, Vo had initially been charged with three other counts, including possession of counterfeiting equipment and two theft charges.

Vo is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 11.

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