FBI investigating Oakland computer thefts


The district is saying upward of 100 employees' personal information may be compromised. It also believes this could be an inside job. Because the burglary appears to have been a highly sophisticated operation based on how the thieves seem to have known how to get in and where to go once inside. They stole ten computers, but the worry goes beyond the equipment.

Oakland Unified School District officials say thieves broke into the district's main office on Second Avenue late Tuesday night. Employees discovered the theft Wednesday morning as they started arriving at work.

Police believe the thieves bypassed the alarm system by climbing onto the roof in the back of the building, cutting the wire outside the windows and then entering without triggering the alarm. The ten stolen computers were taken from the human resources department and contain the personal information of about 100 new hires.

"There are a number of means that we have in place that we can track what went on, but we're going to conduct a comprehensive review of all our security policies not only for the building, but for the information that was contained within - so we can prevent a reoccurrence," said Troy Flint, school district spokesman.

The district is in the process of informing all the affected employees that their information may have been compromised. And it will help employees monitor their credit information. Also, the FBI has gotten involved because of the potential for fraud and identity theft.

The Oakland School District says it does not have 24-hour security, nor any surveillance cameras, but it may have witnesses who saw the break-in.

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