Teen rewarded for spotting map error


The controversy lies with a vacation planner put out by Seattle Southside, a slick, well-produced and useful planner for those visiting the Seattle area.

The problem is on the back cover.

It shows a man reading a map that shows the Presidio but says, "Seattle Southside. The Pacific Northwest starts here."

Kinen Carvala lives in San Francisco and noticed the map while his family was planning a trip up north.

The area on the map isn't Seattle at all, it is the Presidio. Carvala even sent ABC7 a copy of a Presidio map to prove it.

In the map you can clearly see landmarks like The Presidio Trust, Crissy Field and The Post Office. That's where we're having this conversation.

It has left Kinen wondering, "Why is Seattle using a map of San Francisco to sell themselves?"

When asked if he thought they were were trying to fake people out Carvala could only ask, "Who knows? Seattle is Seattle."

So we asked, "What is Seattle trying to pull?"

"What we intended is not how we think he took it. But, we do think that if he has shown a concern for it we definitely want to tell him we will change it," said Karla Lindula with Seattle Southside.

She says the photo was meant to show confused tourists anywhere, not specifically in Seattle or San Francisco. Still, now that the problem has been pointed out changes will be made. In the next printing, the map will be gone.

Also, "If he can make it up here, we would definitely like to host him here," said Lindula referring to Carvala. "The Embassy Suites at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport would like to put his family up and we'd love to give him a tour of Seattle."

Carvala thought that news was "great."

So all is well that ends well. San Francisco gets its Presidio back, Seattle Southside continues on with its life, and Kenin and his parents get VIP treatment if they choose to go up north.

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