Woman dies after being run over twice


The woman was hit around 6 p.m. Saturday while riding her bicycle at Carlson Boulevard and Ohio Avenue. She was hit not once, but twice, and neither driver stopped to help her.

There are crime-fighting cameras on that block of Carlson Boulevard in Richmond, but they are often pointed towards stores at the intersection. Police are hoping that they will be able to get a glimpse of the cars involved.

Some witnesses got a good look at the first car and told police it was a white four-door sedan. Police hope they will be able to see it on the surveillance tape.

Police say she would have survived her first hit. She was sitting up and yelling for help. Witnesses were rushing over to help her when she was hit again by a second car.

"We have not found the vehicles. We're still working with citizen witnesses who were obviously traumatized by the incident. And, we're also reviewing some of the tapes of traffic cameras that are on Carlson Boulevard," said Officer Michael Wang.

The victim, Laura Casey, was 49-years old, and was riding her bicycle over to her grandfather's house when she was killed. Her family called police when she did not show up.

Witnesses say both cars appeared to slow down after they hit her, indicating they knew they had hit something, or someone. But then, both cars sped away.

Anyone who knows anything about what happened on Carlson Boulevard Saturday, or knows of cars that may have been damaged over the weekend, is encouraged to call Richmond Police.

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