T-Mobile promotion frustrates customers

January 2, 2009 7:18:59 PM PST
Sign up for cellular service and get a free flight to a vacation destination. Sounds good, so why did 7 On Your Side get involved?

It does sound good -- sign up with T-Mobile and get a free flight. So here we are more than a year later and still consumers are grounded. What's up with that?

When the Murillos needed new cell phones back in 2007, they went with T-Mobile, not for the phone service itself, but for the free flight.

T-Mobile was offering free flights to 10 U.S. cities.

"I was suspicious. I'm a firm believer if it sounds too good it probably is. That's why I said let's get all of our ducks in a row let's follow it to the 't'," said Daniel Murillo of San Jose.

The Murillos were convinced everything was on the up and up, but Daniel was on to something there, everything did have to be done just right.

The couple says they worked hard to follow each rule to the letter as they filled out the form.

"We got a phone call saying your forms were filled out incorrectly and you will get open more chance to fill them out correctly and then you no longer qualify for the free flight," said Stacy Murillo.

"Wait a second they threatened you?" asked 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney.

"Yes, basically," said Stacy Murillo.

The rules are very specific, the problem they were told, was they needed to submit three separate departure and return dates. Since the couple had some overlap, T-Mobile would send out new forms.

That paper work never arrived, so Stacy called back over and over and still no forms.

"A couple more weeks went by, and finally I said I think I'm going to contact 7 On Your Side and see if they can help us," said Stacy Murillo.

We contacted T-Mobile and a date for the flights has been accepted and set, but according to those complex rules, the exact dates and flights won't be confirmed until 60 days before the March travel date.

So even with 7 On Your Side's help, the Murillos are in a holding pattern.

"With your help we at least got in contact with T-Mobile, which prior to that we weren't able," said Stacy

We should know within a couple of weeks if the flight was actually booked, we'll let you know what happens.