Pilot to be honored before Super Bowl


Sullenberger safely landed the disabled aircraft into the Hudson River in New York on Jan. 15, saving the lives of all 155 people on board.

Sullenberger, first officer Jeffrey B. Skiles, and flight attendants Doreen Welsh, Sheila Dail and Donna Dent will be recognized by the NFL on the field before the game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Fla.

The crew was also honored earlier this week in a resolution introduced and passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The resolution was introduced on Monday by Congressman Joseph Crowley, D-Queens, N.Y., praising the skill and quick thinking of Sullenberger and the crew, as well as the first responders who arrived at the scene to aid and rescue passengers.

The resolution was passed by a unanimous 402-0 vote.

"Some people call this event 'the miracle on the Hudson,'" Crowley said in a prepared statement. "I say this was no miracle; this was skillful flying of two veteran pilots, the quick reaction of highly trained flight attendants, and the responsiveness of Coast Guard ships, ferries and private citizens."

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