Oprah's fitness expert: Secrets to live healthy

February 4, 2009 4:45:33 PM PST
Oprahs' fitness expert, Bob Greene, shares his secrets to living a healthy and active life.

Bob Greene is going on a nationwide book/grocery tour. It all kicks off on January 5th with an appearance on Oprah. Bob is the head of the multi-million dollar Best Life empire and has helped hundreds of clients to lose over 100 pounds through his program.

Bob Greene is an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer specializing in fitness, metabolism and weight loss. He is a contributing writer and editor for O:Oprah Magazine, and writes articles on health and fitness for Oprah.com.

Bob's books include:

1. The Best Life Diet: Revised and Updated (foreword by Oprah Winfrey) | Buy it on Amazon

2. The Best Life Diet Cookbook | Buy it on Amazon

You can buy and find out more about Bob's books on www.thebestlife.com. Thebestlife.com is a subscription diet-based weight loss website.