Great solutions when it comes to packing

March 13, 2009 7:15:07 PM PDT
Moving is a booming businesses. Many are being forced from their homes, while others are just looking for cheaper rent. Adding insult to injury is the cost of packing up your belongings.

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Here are some great deals and solutions when it comes to packing.

It is moving day for Lyndsay Foat but the cardboard boxes are missing.

"It is hard to find boxes in the city, so you use what you can," said Foat.

She's right. There used to be boxes outside her home, but now they are sent to recyclers. They are too valuable to be given away.

You can buy new boxes, but they run you anywhere from a couple bucks to $10 and more each. That's a lot of money for a self move, so that's why Lyndsay is bagging her belongings.

"It is hard to, bags are uneven and you can't fit a lot of stuff, where as boxes are square and you can get more into them and stack things," said Foat.

It was exactly that kind of dilemma that got Marty Metro thinking about boxes.

"They are expensive when you have to go to a retail store to buy them. So I figured let's build a website sort of online dating service for boxes," said Metro.

So he did and this is it: -- it is here that Marty buys gently used boxes in bulk from big companies and then resells them.

He says he charges about a third less than retail new, for instance enough to pack up seven rooms will run you just more than $300.

A good deal, but why pay that when you can get boxes for free from Marty's other site:

Marty set this site up so the used boxes he sold can be used yet again.

"We buy them in bulk, by the truck load from big companies, sell them to customers, those customers can then use our new site to just pass them on to a neighbor," said Metro.

Green, cheap and even free. Sounds good to Lyndsay.

"That's excellent," said Foat.

"Would you have used it?" asked 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney.

"I would have, yes, for sure," said Foat.

So why did Marty set up the free site? He doesn't want to guarantee a box that has been used several times but he wants to keep the green thing going.

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