Prop 8 protestors march from Berkeley

March 25, 2009 12:18:53 PM PDT
A protest march is underway by dozens of same-sex marriage supporters. Wednesday morning they began a five-day trek to the state capital.SIGN-UP: Get breaking news sent to you

But, politicians are not the only people they are targeting as they try to repeal Proposition 8.

30-40 Prop 8 protestors left the Berkeley Civic Center on foot around 10:30 Wednesday morning, on a march that will cover about 92 miles and take about five days.

Along the way marchers plan to meet with minority and church groups in an attempt to woo people who may have voted for the same-sex marriage ban back in November. They would like to get them to now support the repeal of Proposition 8 if they need to get such an initiative on the ballot.

They are also trying to convince the California Supreme Court to vote and strike down Proposition 8 as an illegal revision to the state constitution.

"That civil unions and domestic partnerships stop at the state line. That when Frank and I, well before Frank and I are legally married, if we were to cross the state line we were legal strangers," said Prop 8 opponent Joe Capley-Alfano.

"We want to share with communities our stories about how Prop 9 has affected our life. But, we want to hear from them. What are the struggles and challenges that your community faces? Because, we believe that we should stand for and with each other," added march organizer Kip Williams.

Wedneday evening the marchers will meet with the Unitarian Church in Walnut Creek to share stories with them.

Others are invited to join the marchers along the way although they will have to provide their own food and shelter. They only have provisions for 30-50 marchers.

The group that manages supports Proposition 8 and responded to the protest saying, "The people have twice now voted to recognize traditional marriage as it has been defined since California became a state, as a union between a man and a woman."

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