Tips for mothers raising multiples

Gracie's Mommy secrets to success:

  • Laugh laugh laugh! Then laugh some more.

  • Take a moment each day to sit back and admire your children, appreciate the honesty, the love, the curiosity and the miracle they are.

  • Each day is a day for you to teach them, so take advantage of it! Save the cleaning for when they are napping or down for the night or hire someone to do it. When family asks to help, ask them to do cooking/ cleaning/ yard work so that you can have that special time with your kids. Ask your nanny for one night a week to reconnect with your husband.

  • Everything I do I say it out loud to my children. Babies are so smart. They are always learning from you. Talk to them! I do and it really shows.

  • Remember that you are a wonderful person. I start each day with a theme song and I make sure to tell myself one good thing about myself. If I say something bad about myself, I have to follow it up with 5 great things. I surround myself with people I admire, respect and share commonalities with.
Gracie's Mommy secrets to stay organized:
  • Schedule: Must have one and must stay on it

  • Cleaning: Keep up with it and have a plan of attack. Don't let it overrun you. Time how long each task takes, so the next time you know how long to allocate to it and you wont feel overwhelmed.

  • Always have a diaper bag ready to go by the front door.

  • Organize clothes by type in a drawer. It saves time!
About the book
Gracie's Orders is an emotional and inspiring story of one woman's experience with infertility, miscarriage, fertility treatments, a sextuplet pregnancy, medical mistakes and the loss of three children, all in the time span of two years.
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About the author
Gracie Soldani is the proud mother of three surviving sextuplets and two rescue dogs, CJ and ND. Gracie lives with her family in San Jose. She and her husband of almost 4 years work full time at Yahoo! and own an event planning and party machine rental company (Fountains of Yum!). She is a volunteer for the high-risk pregnancy group Sidelines and a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks. Gracie just finished her first book, Gracie's Orders and she is currently working on four books. "The Edible Family Tree" a four generation cook book, a guide to parenting and marriage after children, and a series of children's books with Santino, Bruno and Lucia as the main characters along with their sidekicks CJ and ND. Her hobbies include, cooking/baking, working out, meditation, reading and laughing and is a major Twilight fan.

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