Cop killer Mixon linked to rape on same day


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Police are calling /*Mixon*/ a serial rapist. There was new evidence made public on Monday links Mixon's DNA to the sexual assault of a 21 and 23-year-old women.

The two female assault victims were opening a food cart at the intersection of High Street and International Boulevard, early in the morning on March 21st. Police said a man with a handgun robbed them of their money and then forced them to walk a few blocks south to the intersection of 45th Avenue and San Leandro Street, where he sexually assaulted both women. Monday, police said that man was Mixon, who went on to shoot four Oakland police officers just hours later.

"It just goes to show you what kind of a person that Lovelle Mixon was and what kind of a criminal he was. We already knew he was a murder , and now just confirms he was a rapist as well," Sgt. Dom Arotzarena, president of the Oakland Police Officers Association.

Mixon was a wanted parolee when he was pulled over in a routine traffic stop on MacArthur Boulevard. He opened fire on the two officers who pulled him over and then fled two his sister's house where he killed two more officers.

Police have now linked Mixon's DNA to three sexual assaults. Police say his DNA also matched the rape of a 12-year-old girl in February.

/*Attorney General Jerry Brown*/ says it shows how flawed the system is.

"He was a one man destruction squad and it also tells us the prison system is not evaluating carefully the people that are released. That really cries out for a change where unsuitability becomes a precondition before any release," said Attorney General Brown.

Police are still trying to determine if Mixon is linked to any other assaults in Oakland. For many in the department, it answers a lingering question that many have had about why this wanted parolee shot those four police officers. They say it is possibly because he was so adamant about not going back to jail.

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