Bay Area schools reopen after flu scare


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Students at Branham High School arrived Wednesday morning after being out of school for a week. They were welcomed by a letter from the school nurse which reminded them to wash their hands frequently, cover their mouth when they cough and if they have signs of the flu, to stay home from school. Although returning to school came with this precaution, it was welcomed by the students and the parents.

After an unexpected break, classes are back in session at Bay Area schools.

"We are excited, the kids are excited," said Satya Malya, parent.

On Tuesday, the Center for Disease Control said it was safe for schools to reopen -- that the /*H1N1*/ virus isn't as severe as originally thought.

Delphi Academy in Santa Clara re-opened several days early, which caught some students off guard.

"My son was worried he hadn't done his homework; he was playing 'Game Boy' most of the time," said Malya.

Terry Riashah was excited to show off the homework she had finished.

"So I can show my homework and work on stuff I need to graduate," said Terry Riashah, second grader.

At Branham High School, the parking lot was full and school officials say a student suffering from the H1N1 virus has recovered and is back in class today.

"Today is just a normal day of school. We are on our regular bell schedule. What we want is for students to experience a regular day of school," said Terry Peluso, Campbell Union High School District.

Parents of the elementary school students are ready to experience a regular day of work.

"I took a day off, I took care of my kids and not just my kid, but several of his classmates and basically started teaching some of the things they are supposed to learn," said Malya.

Now those parents can leave the teaching up to the teachers today. Just Tuesday, five more cases of H1N1 flu were reported in Santa Clara County, but Santa Clara County health officials say that despite those suspected cases, they will no longer be closing schools.

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