49ers help moms get a makeover

San Francisco 49ers Celebration of Mothers
As part of the RESPECT Campaign, on Wednesday, May 6, 2009, the San Francisco 49ers will be celebrating the commitment that the women at House of Grace have made to becoming more involved, supportive mothers.

The afternoon event will include beauty treatments for the mothers and the players' wives – hair, makeup, and manicures -- while the players create Mother's Day cards and play games with the children. When the mothers have completed their beauty makeovers, they will be reunited with their children for individual family photos which will be printed on the spot, framed and presented to the mothers by the players and the children along with red and yellow flowers. Most of these women do not have family photos so this will be a very meaningful keepsake for them.

Following the presentation of the frames, cards, and flowers, the whole group will gather together to enjoy red and gold cupcakes and share their thoughts on the meaning of Mother's Day as it relates not just to biological mothers but also to grandmothers, caretakers, and others who provide love and support.

The day will conclude with an affirmation to thank the mothers once again for the commitment they have made to improving the lives of their children through their dedication to creating a stable, safe, sober environment.

What is House of Grace?
CityTeam House of Grace is a unique program where addicted, abused or homeless women can rebuild their lives, without being separated from their young children. It is 12 to 14 month residential program. The women at House of Grace may choose to enter either a secular or a faith-based program. In either case, the women enroll in classes, which enable them to complete their high school education. They participate in vocational and life skills classes and counseling (individual, family, and group counseling), and attend 12-step meetings. Classes in conflict resolution, codependency, anger management, parenting and responsibility for one's action are center to the training.

House of Grace is a community-based model, stressing personal responsibility, shared goals and support, mentoring, and empowering. It is a place where women are taught how to join the mainstream of community life so that they can become productive citizens, supporting themselves, their families and their community.

House of Grace Recovery Program is comprehensive; dealing with the whole person. As a result, graduates re-enter society with skills, positive attitudes and goals. This program has proven track record of making a lasting difference in the lives of the women who have successfully completed the required phases.

Currently, House of Grace's 8 apartments and community room are home to 23 women who are in recovery for substance abuse and 10 - 12 children.

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