Creative vases using vegetables

Supplies needed for Veggie Vases:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • A glue gun
  • A cylindrical or rectangular glass vase or even a cardboard box and brown butcher paper
  • Some twine, or rope, or ribbon
  1. Pick some vegetables that are either symmetrical, graphic, or can easily make a pattern on the size of a glass, or in a box, if you choose to make a tray. Asparagus, bok choy, green beans, or sliced mushrooms can be used easily. (You can also use artichoke leaves, layering them to look as though they are still attached.)

  2. Cut the ends off of the vegetables, or in the case of mushrooms, carefully slice them thinly.

  3. Take your vegetable one piece at a time, and simply glue gun it to the side of a vase, taking care to follow a pattern. If using long vegetables, you can choose to run them horizontally, vertically, or in a cross-hatch pattern. Mushrooms almost become a paisley pattern. Bok choy will need to run with the fanned part of the leaf either up or down to create a tulip-like shape.

  4. Continue to glue the vegetables on the surface of your object until it is completely covered. Your can then adorn the vase with twine or ribbon, or if making a tray, adorn the outside with vegetables, use butcher paper on the inside. (You could even combine several vegetables on one piece.)
In several minutes you will have a completely creative piece to astound your friends and guests.

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