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FujiFilm Z33WP: This Pink point-and-shoot is great fun for the summer, marketed as the world's smallest and lightest waterproof digital camera. With a camera strap that helps it float, a big LCD screen, and easy push buttons, it makes for fun water captures. Retail price: $150

GoPro Helmet Hero Wide: A 5 Megapixel compact camera you can attach to your bike helmet, strap around your waist, or connect to a vehicle. Offers still shots, video, and a 2-second per shot function. Great for that point-of-view angle and "I never thought I could get an image like this" action imagery. Retail Price: $190

Nikon Coolpix: Need an great point-and-shoot that's affordable, looks good, with fun features? As Ashton's proves in his commercials, these cameras offer fast, easy shooting at prices you can enjoy in 2009. Retail price: $299

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150: On the higher-end side of things, this stylish black 14.7 Megapixel camera has a great Leica lens, small enough to fit into a pocket, yet it brings a mix of advanced features, from the high megapixels to a nice zoom, as well as manual controls. Retail Price: $350

Leica D-Lux 4: If you looking for top quality and price is not an issue, this compact comes with the Leica name and quality (their lenses are known as the best), full control of functions, and made for the serious amateur interested in creating high-quality shots in an easy-to-carry system. Retail price: $700

Canon Powershot SD780 IS: Need an great point-and-shoot that can also film High Definition movies? Besides Canon being the most popular camera company in the point-and-shoot market, this 12 Megapixel model offers HD movies as well. Retail price: $275

Joby's fun colorful and bendy mini-tripod to attach to these compact camera- it can grip around tree branches, stand on uneven surfaces, and pack tightly anywhere in your travel bag. Retail price: $22-50

One-day photo workshop with photo guru Sean Arbabi:

COMPACT CAMERA CREATIVITY: Discovering how to utilize your point-and-shoot camera to its maximum.
October 24, 2009
12 noon - 6:30 p.m. (sunset)
Point Reyes National Seashore
Red Barn Classroom, Bear Valley Road, Pt. Reyes, CA
Cost: $95 tuition fee per person, $89 for Pt. Reyes Members
To sign-up, call 415-663-1200 or e-mail
More information:

ABOUT THE BOOK: The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure
Exposure is often what separates good photography from truly stunning photography. It's essential to producing high-quality images, but mastering exposure can be very difficult. No matter how engaging the subject matter, it's often exposure that makes the picture remarkable, powerful, poignant and memorable. The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure, helps take photos to the next level, by demystifying exposure using the series' signature assignment, diagrams, tips, and illustrations.

The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure is like a full-scale photography course between the covers of a book-all taught by Sean Arbabi, a seasoned instructor whose photographs have been featured in 250 publications and by 150 companies, including National Geographic and Microsoft. The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure offers the same instruction style as, as it reveals a plethora of information on both digital and film photography, how different file formats affect exposure, how to adjust files, color correction, combining digital exposures, and much more. And of course, the author's 200 stunning full-color photographs make this hardworking guide as inspiring as it is instructive.
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About the author:
Sean Arbabi is a commercial photographer who specializes in adventure, travel, nature and style imagery for corporate, advertising and editorial clients. He is an online instructor with and frequently teaches workshops around the country on exposure and other aspects of photography. Sean Arbabi's A instructor, he lives in Danville, CA. Visit him on the web at

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