TECH BYTES: Officials back txt'ing ban


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The governor's Highway Safety Association is now backing a ban on texting. The organization of state highway safety officials previously questioned the value of such a law saying it would be difficult to enforce. Now, the group's chairman says a ban "will send a message to the public that this dangerous practice is unacceptable."

A recent study found that texting while driving increases the chance of crashing or nearly crashing 23 times.

Apple says an internal investigation of the iPhone found nothing wrong with the device. Apple launched the investigation after reports from Europe claimed the iPhone was exploding or cracking without warning.

The company says the touch-screen glass only broke when some kind of external force was applied to it. Apple also looked into complaints about the iPhone battery overheating but also said it found no problems.

If you are planning to Twitter or Facebook about an upcoming vacation, you may want to wait until you return from that vacation. A British insurance company is warning that burglars use social networking sites to target victims, learning when they will be away.

The firm conducted a survey that found nearly two- thirds of people shared their vacation plans. Couple that information with pictures you may post from inside your home and criminals know what you have and where to find it when you are gone.

Finally, television may be turning into a social experience. IBM has filed a patent for technology that would enable you to blog or send a Twitter message straight from the remote control of your TV. Just turn on your TV, change the channel and the whole world can know what you are watching.

According to the patent filing, the device would also allow you to track any comments that your friends or followers make while you are watching the show.

It would be one more excuse for couch potatoes to stay on the couch.

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