15-month-old boy in Santa Cruz ingests meth


The boy's mother took him to Dominican Hospital Monday because he was exhibiting strange behavior, Capt. Steve Clark said.

Hospital staff called police later that night after the child's urine revealed traces of methamphetamine.

The boy has recovered and will be released to the custody of Child Protective Services later today. He did not display any sign of injury or abuse, according to Clark.

Clark said it is possible the child found the methamphetamine on the carpet at home. It wasn't immediately clear where the drug came from or how the child came into contact with it.

The child's 28-year-old father and 31-year-old mother were not arrested, but the father has been previously arrested and convicted of drug-related offenses, Clark said.

"There are some twists and turns that we need to tease out before we make any conclusions," he said.

In the meantime, Child Protective Services will retain custody of the child until a custody hearing later this month, Clark said.

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