Balance your way to a "beaming" workout

January 15, 2010 2:55:35 PM PST
An innovative and fun total body workout that will tone you to your very core! Balance is the key, and this program will have you "beaming."

Realize the impact of the experiential senses as related to the learning process. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to bring this innovative program home.

About Beaming:

"Beaming" integrates physical fitness with emotional harmony and helps you embrace a more realistic and healthy viewpoint of what it means to be fit, balanced, centered and productive.

Here are the specific exercises featured on the segment:

Basic Split Stance: Standing a top the beam with one foot behind the other. The feet are parallel and a comfortable distance apart depending upon the individuals comfort. Add some torso rotation to this to challenge the core.

Triad Roll: The act of rolling (feet) from toe to heel and heel to toe while in a split stance atop the beam.

The Squat Series: Squatting off and back atop the beam. Lead foot goes to floor then in front then to floor then in back. We will start with taps then go into squats

Flying Lunges: Lunging atop the beam from a very wide split stance in which the back of the heel is off the beam. These lunges are deep ( knee all the way to beam) and done with "arms in flight". Adding optional rotation of the torso here at the bottom of the Lunge.

Quadruped: On hands and knees raising opposite arm and leg.

Cannonball: Laying supine on the beam. (On Back) Draw knees into chest hug them with your arms. Roll up to seated position opening arms. Then roll down slowly.

Rolling V: Rolling up from cannonball with hands on both ankles or calves, extend legs to "V" position. Roll back to your shoulders and back to your tailbone. Pause at the top.

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